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CPN... The Clear Choice

Coordinated Podiatry Networks
was originally formed more than 15 years ago, by Dr. Avriel Cohen and Dr. Larry Semer, ‘visionaries’ who recognized the profound impact Managed Care would have on Health Care in general, on the practice of Podiatry and on people in all walks of life. Today, CPN provides services to Health Plans, Managed Care organizations, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities, Assisted Living facilities and other ‘groups’ — diagnosing, caring for, treating and helping prevent foot, ankle and leg disorders and injuries for their Members, Patients and Residents — because Drs. Cohen and Semer saw the Future and the role Podiatry would play.
X-ray of Foot

Quality of Life

We’re very conscious of Members’ quality of life and we understand just how important feet, ankles and legs can be in that quality of life.

Our Networks are designed to ensure that CPN Providers are located conveniently to everyone in the area. As part of our commitment to the Members, Patients and Living-Facility Residents we serve, we want to make sure that no one has to drive too far to reach a Network Provider for an appointment. We also want to make sure that our Providers treat everyone with respect and regard, and that the Providers always remember that your time is just as valuable as theirs.

In fact, we think of the relationship between our Network Providers and the Members, Patients and Residents we serve as a ‘partnership’ — and the most important members of that ‘partnership’ are the Members, Patients and Residents themselves.

Scope of Services

Our goal for Network Providers is to help the Members, Patients and Residents we serve enjoy the greatest quality of life possible, as that quality is shaped, influenced or impacted by foot, ankle or leg disorders or injuries.

Addressing foot, ankle or leg disorders and injuries — and being examined to make sure that what may seem to be minor issues don’t become more serious problems — can indeed have dramatic impact on people’s quality of life. We don’t take that for granted, and you shouldn’t either


Don’t Let a Minor Problem Escalate...

Naturally, the ideal situation is to avoid any disorders or injuries which affect feet, ankles and legs. But that’s not always possible.

The next best thing is to have a problem diagnosed as early as possible, and then to have the cause of the problem treated and cared for. It goes without saying that seemingly simple problems can lead to more serious complications, especially if the problem is ignored, though that’s not a given conclusion.

We’ll do our part, but we need you to do your part, too, when you think you have a problem affecting your feet, ankles and legs which call for professional medical care. That’s what the Member / Provider ‘partnership’ is all about.

About Our Providers

As you may know, our Network Providers are all licensed, skilled and experienced Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), operating in private practice in the general area where the Members, Patients and Residents we serve reside.

Providers are committed to your care and attention. They maintain their own professional commitment to continuing education, and take time throughout the year to learn about the latest developments, techniques, tools and other resources available to diagnose, care for, treat or avoid disorders and / or injuries affecting the foot, ankle or leg.


Our Providers are fully credentialed, and we work rigorously to make sure that every Network Doctor has the professional training, experience, demeanor and commitment to serve the needs of the people we treat with the highest professional standards of care and concern.

To be honest, we are sincerely honored that so many distinguished Doctors of Podiatry in Florida participate with us. And we are certain our Providers will give you the best care and attention possible.

Health Plans

We are equally proud of the professional relationships we have with the Managed Care organizations, Health Plans, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and other ‘groups’. And we never take that for granted.

Together, with those organizations, we are committed to you — the people we serve — and to helping you maintain the greatest quality of life possible.


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