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CPN... The Clear Choice

Coordinated Podiatry Networks
was originally formed more than 15 years ago, by Dr. Avriel Cohen and Dr. Larry Semer, ‘visionaries’ who recognized the profound impact Managed Care would have on Health Care in general, on the practice of Podiatry and on people in all walks of life. Today, CPN provides services to Health Plans, Managed Care organizations, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities, Assisted Living facilities and other ‘groups’ — diagnosing, caring for, treating and helping prevent foot, ankle and leg disorders and injuries for their Members, Patients and Residents — because Drs. Cohen and Semer saw the Future and the role Podiatry would play.
X-ray of Foot

No ‘One-Size Fits All’ !

Of course, we don’t offer just one Podiatry program, or expect every Client-Organization to work with only one, fixed set of parameters for Podiatry services. Rather, we tailor our services specifically to meet each individual Organization’s Podiatry guidelines, and to diagnose and treat that organization’s unique constituency, based on those guidelines. We also tailor each specific Podiatry Network to meet the needs of the Organization and its constituency.

A ‘Custom-Tailored’ Asset

Our ability to tailor Podiatry solutions and networks to meet the needs of the Organization and its members, patients, residents, etc., can be a major asset to the Organizations themselves and to their fiscal well-being.

Custom-tailoring Podiatry services and Networks allows us to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing the scope of services we can offer or imposing unreasonable requirements on members, patients, residents, we take special time to understand the organization itself and the people the organization serves.

The dedicated, devoted, caring Podiatric Physicians we work with are all in private practice. And we have Provider Networks in place where our Client-Organizations’ members are located, wherever they may be in Florida. We can also establish and implement new Provider Networks anywhere in the state.

HIPAA- & HITECH-Compliant

We support our Networks with the most sophisticated, advanced HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant Benefits Management, Data Capture and Electronic Medical Reporting systems available today.

Our Podiatry benefits are managed in real time. That ensures accurate, timely and flexible Data Reporting capabilities for the Client-Organizations and fluent, consistent and professional Benefits-Administration for the Client-Organizations’ members, patients, residents.

With all of the advantages we offer, we honestly believe Coordinated Podiatry Networks is the ideal, dedicated Podiatry “Provider-Partner” now operating in Florida for the specialized diagnosis, care, treatment and prevention of foot, ankle and leg disorders and injuries


“Focused Networks” — With Benefits

Borrowing and paraphrasing a familiar adage, we like to say “Not all Dedicated Podiatry Networks are created equal !”

That statement is true if you compare our systems, services, capabilities and support against other Podiatry Networks in the market. And, it’s also true if you look internally, and realize we don’t have just one set of Podiatry services to offer Health Plans, or just one Podiatry Network.

We tailor our services and our Provider Networks to the individual Organization and its members. In that way, we give Health Plan Administrators and Contracting Specialists the ability to determine just what Podiatry services we provide and the number and general locations of our Podiatry-Providers. In addition to our Podiatry services and number of Providers in our specific Network, we can also create, shape, modify or tailor our payment-system and data-reporting capabilities.

Basically, we provide “Focused Podiatry Networks”built on our ability to focus on the individual Organization, its Podiatry guidelines, its Members and its Member’s needs — and then we tailor everything, accordingly.

A Matter of Choice

As we already mentioned, our Podiatry services for Health Plans, Managed Care organizations , Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and other ‘groups’ generally fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Commercial Plans
  • Medicare Plans
  • Medicaid Plans
  • Pediatric Plans

We can custom-tailor

  • Benefits
  • Services
  • Provider Networks
  • Data & Reports
  • Payment Options

We do that, all within specific HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

Our approach gives Administrators and Contracting Specialists complete control over all of the variables involved. And that control, in turn, can dramatically affect the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Organization’s Podiatry services and its Provider Network. The Network can be City-Wide, County-Wide, Region-Wide or Statewide Networks.

Regardless of the scope of our Podiatry services or the number and location of the Providers, we offer complete Benefits Administration, Claims Adjudication, Data-Capture, Custom-Report Design and Electronic-Reporting capabilities.



Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

We are also very conscientious about the ever-present potential and need for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity preparedness.

Of course, the threats may come from hurricanes, flooding, fire, other natural disasters, structural collapse, electric surges or more insidious, engineered assaults, even if we just happen to be part of the ‘collateral damage. In the face of that potential, we have incorporated systems and procedures to protect and preserve our Benefits Administration, Data Capture and Electronic Reporting capabilities — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That includes redundant systems and servers, off-site back-up for electronic storage in a ‘Category 5 Data Center’, the same tight security measures used by the US Army’s Southern Command and Florida Power & Light, and other IT policies & procedures to ensure complete client-organization and patient privacy while maintaining business continuity. Everything is, naturally, completely HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant.

State of the Art

Medical care is a continually evolving science, in all its disciplines. That’s why our Podiatry Providers are so conscientious and committed to ‘Continuing Education’ and to staying informed and knowledgeable, through conferences, journals and national, state and local meetings with Podiatry colleagues, researchers and educators.

We too, inside Coordinated Podiatry Networks, are equally committed to keeping our company on the leading edge of the newest developments in the rapidly evolving world of Benefits Administration, Data Capture, Customized-Report Design and Electronic Reporting.

Not just a Marketing Phrase

We don’t think of ‘State of the Art’ as just a Marketing phrase. It’s a mandate and a natural extension of our commitment to provide our Client-Organizations with the most effective, efficient, professional Podiatry Provider systems, services and support possible.

The commitment covers the Podiatry services and support we provide to our patients and the administrative and organizational support we provide to the Client-Organizations we serve. It also covers the latest Information Technology, accurate & robust Benefits Administration and Claims Adjudication, and HIPAA-compliant Data Reporting.

And that’s a commitment which won’t ever change, regardless of whether we’re serving individual Managed-Care companies, Health Plans, Hospitals, Professional or Trade Associations, other Not-for-Profit Organizations; independent companies and corporations, or local and state Governments and Agencies.

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