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CPN... The Clear Choice

Coordinated Podiatry Networks
was originally formed more than 15 years ago, by Dr. Avriel Cohen and Dr. Larry Semer, ‘visionaries’ who recognized the profound impact Managed Care would have on Health Care in general, on the practice of Podiatry and on people in all walks of life. Today, CPN provides services to Health Plans, Managed Care organizations, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities, Assisted Living facilities and other ‘groups’ — diagnosing, caring for, treating and helping prevent foot, ankle and leg disorders and injuries for their Members, Patients and Residents — because Drs. Cohen and Semer saw the Future and the role Podiatry would play.
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Fulfilling Managed-Care Guidelines

Our Providers' professional services must fulfill the specific parameters and guidelines of the individual Health Plan or Program we are contracted with, meeting each individual Managed-Care Organization's commitment and obligation to its members.

Naturally, we're very proud of the high standards, enthusiasm and commitment to patient care which our Network Doctors embrace, and we never take that for granted.

State-of-the-Art Systems & Support

To match our Network Providers’ commitment and Quality of Care, we support them “behind the scenes” with the latest, state-of-the-art Benefits Administration systems, real-time claims processing accurate data reporting and timely payments.

We also provide other support to help them manage the demands on their time and personnel, and allow them to maximize their practices by streamlining their Front Desk operations and Back Office detail. That support lets our Network Providers spend the majority of their time with their patients, not with the paperwork.

‘Individualized’ Networks

We don’t have just one Network. We actually have many — each one organized specifically to meet the needs of the individual Client-Organization.

Within that context, we’re always open to the possibility of adding Doctors who may want to work with us.

If you’re thinking about joining a team of dedicated, dynamic Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, please think of us.


‘Front Desk’ and ‘Back Office’

The private-practice Doctors who participate with us provide the full scope of medical diagnosis, care, treatment and prevention of foot, ankle and leg disorders and injuries, according to the individual Health Plan’s specific parameters and guidelines and the patient’s needs.

To allow those Doctors to spend the majority of their time with their patients and to help the Doctors’ Front Desk and Office personnel perform as effectively and efficiently as possible, we employ state-of-the-art electronic, online Patient Authorization, Claims Submission, Claims Review & Tracking and Provider-Payment systems.

Our Patient Care department is available to add a personal touch. We also have an active Patient Satisfaction program, to make sure Health Plan members are happy with their care and treatment.

By taking the “Front-Desk” and “Back-Office” weight off Managed Care participation off the shoulders of our Network doctors and their staff, everything moves more smoothly before, during and after members’ appointments and treatment.


Ultimately, our state-of-the-art systems and procedures directly affect time — time needed to check Member eligibility and secure authorization, time needed after appointments to record and report the results, time required to submit claims, and time needed to process those claims promptly, so our doctors can be paid timely for patients they examined and treated the previous month.

And that maximizes the time doctors actually have available to examine, care for, treat and advise their patients.


A ‘Freedom Machine’

One of our specific goals is to give our Network Providers the freedom to do what they enjoy most — diagnosing, caring for and treating patients.

That allows our Doctors to focus on the patients and the services they render, as mandated by the Health Plans, not on the administrative mechanics of those Plans.

Anywhere in Florida

We custom-tailor Benefits packages and structure specific Provider Networks to meet the needs of individual Managed Care companies, Health Plans, Hospitals, Nursing Facilities or other ‘groups’. We also manage and administer those Benefits programs for the groups’ Members, Patients or Residents.

We don’t have just one Network, nor do we operate in just one corner of the state. In fact, we’re positioned to establish a local ‘Managed Podiatry Network’ anywhere in Florida, based on the individual Health Plan and the locale of its constituency, and to provide Podiatry benefits for any type of Health Plan or any ‘group’.

To help us do that, we maintain close ties with national, state and local Podiatry Associations and Societies. We also like to stay in touch with individual Doctors who want to join one of our dedicated Podiatry Networks.

Interested in Participating?

You can express your interest in participating with us, and learn more about our ‘Managed Podiatry Benefits Programs and Procedures’ by following the link provided here.

To tell us about you and your practice, please click here.

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